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"The pieces I create combine an image with the subtle energy frequencies of crystals and gemstones which work by themselves empowering the wearer to receive constant energetic support for their own personal intent. Because of the way crystals are formed they hold the most precise orderly stable and predictable energy structures in the natural world."

All About Your Angel Pendant

By linda | November 12, 2017

your angel pendant necklace

The Benefits Of Wearing Your Angel Pendant


Angels Are Part Of The Universal Language Of Love.

Many people want to know about the benefits of wearing an angel pendant. The wearing of beautiful, holy objects such as Angel Pendants, items which have been created with an intuitive knowing, to act as angelic, spiritual connectors for the wellbeing, good fortune and protection of their owners is both a mythical and sacred unfolding known to unlock the power of the collective conscious. Angel Pendants speak of love and comfort throughout time to all humanity

When we are children the world is a very powerful place because we are constantlycreating magical experiences with everyday things. We feel the excitement of the ocean waves, even though our ship is just a cardboard box.

We believe, therefore we feel. As children we are truly creators defying the dogmas and so called laws of science yet as we grow up common magic gradually gives way to materialism

Angels are symbols of kindness.

Mystic and Shaman traditions and even Christian traditions have long regarded that the simple act of coming into physical contact with any holy item will help create life enhancing blessings and benefits.

Science, though it tries hard to hold onto what it calls it’s rational laws of materialism, is beginning to come around to this idea too.

Even though it goes against the grain to fully support the idea that objects have power, research has now kindly provided substantial evidence that throws some areas of science into serious trouble.

The Hidden Reality of Angels In Our World.

archangel zadkiel necklaceThough our current scientific world view states that life has no actual purpose and that all matter is purely mechanical, we’ve got to remember that this dogma is comparatively new..

Along with this goes a belief that memory and consciousness is inside our our brain, that plants, animals, planets and stars have no conscience, that we are the only beings with consciousness, and our thoughts and intentions have no power outside of ourselves.

Angels behave like quantum particles.

These commonly held scientific dogmas are simply beliefs that came about a little more than one hundred years ago and are now outdated by the recent revelations of Quantum Mechanics.

Quantum Mechanics has shown that particles of energy are not fixed to one particular place or form and do not obey the rules of the old mechanical world view as we have been led to believe..

Quantum physics has shown that when energy is observed, it behaves like we expect particles behave, yet when it is not observed, i.e. when a human is not watching it, it behaves in all kinds of different ways, sometimes like waves, sometimes like particles, and not only can it be both at the same time but it can be in different places at the same time as well.

Particles actually change their form and are not consistent. In other words they behave according to the consciousness of the observer.

Angels in the eye of the beholder.

Some people even go as far as to say that matter would not exist at all if we were not here to observe and create it. This of course leads us to the laws of attraction, and leaves scientific materialism standing on it’s head.

Eastern science and philosophy have been telling us this for thousands of years. One see’s the world as one expects to see it, or what one believes or thinks about consistently is how one experiences reality, i.e one creates reality by their thoughts and beliefs.

In the eastern world view, even today many still practice ancient arts and healing modalities that require nothing but the intuitive movement of the healer’s hands inches above the patients body.

Their science includes the medicinal use of plants, crystals, vibrations from musical notes, singing bowls, chanting and the favourable positions of the planets and stars to bring about a patients return to health, mentally as well as physically.

Angels Speak A Language Older Than We First Believed.

The story of Angels, of messengers from other realms bringing comfort, wisdom, and protection to us here on earth is an very old story indeed, takes us back to the earliest of civilisations and pre dates Judaism and Christianity by many thousands of years.benefits of angel pendants

Discovery of the Gobeki Tepi settlement in southeastern Turkey has changed the way we think about Angels and the way archaeologists think about the origins of civilization.

The collective consciousness of Angels.

There in it’s magnificent circular structures and elaborately carved stones are carvings of winged creatures older than any ever found before in history, more than 12,000 years old—older than the invention of agriculture or even pottery,

This is the oldest evidence that winged messengers from another realm truly are deeply connected to our development from as far back as history can now take us.

Angels, Archangels are deeply rooted in our subconscious and in this way they can do amazing things for those who ask for their help.

Some claim the power of Angel pendants depends entirely on the faith their owners place in them but I believe they do just as well when their owners are sceptical or even unaware of their purpose partly because of the gemstones in the pendants and how they work.

.Read about how they work here

Wearing An Angel Pendant As A Symbol Of Joy And Positivity.

There are many benefits that come from wearing an Angel Pendant. The Archangel Jophiel, Angel of joy and abundance will uplift the wearer’s mood because the Angel is in harmony with the energetic force of joy in the universe.

Research is beginning to reveal that raising our vibration and thinking positively is about much more than just being happy or displaying an upbeat attitude.

Positive thoughts can actually create real value in your life and help you build skills that last much longer than a smile, in other words, when you are experiencing positive emotions like joy, contentment, and love, you will see more possibilities in your life.

Positive emotions broaden your sense of possibility and open your mind up to more possibilities of success on all levels. People who have acquired my Angel Pendants have found over and over again that there have been positive changes in their lives.

Read what some people have told us in our Testimonials.

“My sincere wish is to create jewellery that nourishes women’s soul, and that Angels will re-connect them to their power, and support them to live an amazing life”


In love and peace.

Linda. ❤️☮️

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Archangel Uriel Necklace

By linda | October 10, 2017

archangel uriel necklace

        The Archangel Uriel Necklace



Dear Ones.
Allow me to introduce you to Archangel Uriel, the keeper of your own distinctive flame that burns inside you, where your most intimate self takes shape and comes to life – not from force or determined decision but from illuminated action. Archangel Uriel represents the source of your personal energy and the voice of your uniquely inspired ideas and desires and realisations.

Experience the Light of your Soul’s yearnings with Archangel Uriel

Sometimes I admit, I still feel the need to influence the way others see me, or allow my personality to be moulded upon the expectations of another. I may find some comfort in this too, but only limited comfort for there will always come a time when something inside me burns to break free and to live by my own truth and follow my own inner fire.

This is when I know the mighty energy of Archangel Uriel is with me.

To express our true personality and live our own life to the fullest degree takes courage. But it isn’t until we begin to attract people and opportunities aligned with our visions, that we find the decisions we make that are best for ourselves are always best for those around us too, and we realise that when we spread our wings we give others permission to do the same; it is safe to increase our light and be true to ourselves.

A little Peek at my Archangel Uriel Necklace

Do you have the courage to break free; the courage to allow your life to blossom and change to match your own, god given brilliance? 

Perhaps this is the time in your life where you are teetering on the brink of achieving your greatest plans and aspirations. You’re ready to step beyond your limiting beliefs and begin to walk in your true radiance, freedom and truth.
Or perhaps you’ve hit the proverbial wall again, where fear and self-doubt hold you in their grip, telling you that its far easier to stay safe and stay small and normal and dull, instead of …

discovering how brilliant you really are!

If you do dare to step into your light, know that you are never, ever alone. Angels are here to guide and support you, especially Archangel Uriel who is lighting up your every step and bringing you inspiration and serendipity.. This is what life is yearning for you to do, not to suffer and remain lost, but to follow your inspiration, your unique truth and become all that you have the potential to be. 

May your courage be with Uriel, Gods Love and Light. 

Linda Angelina

PS. A girlfriend and I have just been on a spiritual retreat where we paid hundreds of dollars to listen to inspiring speakers and learn how to follow our inspiration and bring higher levels joy back into our lives. It was amazing, but once we’d arrived home again and unpacked our bags it was hard to maintain that same level of joy and illumination. We needed a reminder.
“Let’s call on Archangel Uriel” my friend said; and we both reached for our Archangel Uriel Pendants to receive his constant uplifting energy, and to remind ourselves that our energetic bodies hold the light and the illumination we need to expand and be creative.

Anchor yourself in the Inspiration of Archangel Uriel

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Archangel Michael Necklace

By linda | November 10, 2016

 Archangel Michael Pendant

Archangel Michael Pendant


You might be interested to know that Archangel Michael is associated with Halloween, which makes it the perfect time to gift the Archangel Michael pendant to one of you, as promised. This month’s Michael Pendant is going to Jessica from Irvington, New York, with all my love. I’m so excited to be sending an Angel there.

So let me tell you a little more about ArchAngel Michael.

Archangel Michael’s history takes us way back to the book of Daniel, written in the 2nd century BC, where he is described as a great prince who will stand guard over, and defend his people. Then again, several hundred years later in the 3rd and 4th centuries BC, (Book of Revelation), Michael leads God’s armies in the War of Heaven, and goes on to defeat the enemy.

A Spiritual Warrior & The Battle Within.
In later teachings the Archangel, sometimes referred to as Saint Michael becomes our angelic mentor to assist us along the path of the spiritual warrior;  the conflict against evil being metaphorically understood as the “battle within”.

I particularly appreciate him in this aspect and I believe we can avail of great assistance and courage if we ask him to stand with us while facing our own, personal battles, whatever they may be.

In yet another aspect Michael is depicted as the angel who protects departing souls, carrying the souls of all the deceased to heaven. In this role Michael is said to give each soul a final chance to recognise it’s true divinity.
Apart from his being a patron of “spiritual warriors”, the sick and the suffering also consider Archangel Michael their patron saint as do mariners, and all those whose work is on water.

You may have noticed too, in many countries there are mountains under the patronage of the Archangel, and the vast number of chapels and churches dedicated to St. Michael around the world are estimated to be more than 20 million!  

Historians tell us that outside the ancient city of Constantinople stood a magnificent church, the Michaelion, known for its curative waters and healing legends.. Founded by Constantine the Great in the 4th century, the architecture of the sanctuary was so magnificent that many other churches were modelled on it. It was there that Constantine reported a vision that was the Archangel Michael

Today, as we move into the next phase of the year, it’s an auspicious time to remember our dearly departed loved ones and connect with Archangel Michael.

And wearing Archangel Michael’s pendant,what better way to channel his healing love 

I wish you a Happy and Peaceful few days,
Your Angel Guide

Linda Angelina.  

PS. Halloween and All Souls Day are synonymous with Samhain and many festivals worldwide whose purpose is to honour those who have gone before us and it’s nice to spend a quiet time in contemplation remembering and being thankful for our ancestors. 


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Compassionate Angel Pendant. Archangel Zadkiel

By linda | October 5, 2015

Silver angel pendant archangel zadkiel

Archangel Zadkiel Necklace Offer ends 9/10/2015


The Buddha said, (around 623 BC),

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought”


Today, medical science and neuroscience have conclusive evidence to show this is, in fact, true – that our thoughts, those conscious, and often subconscious little words forever flying around in our minds, (300-1000 words a minute), not only influence our physical and mental health, but also the very blueprint of ourselves, our DNA.


Take a moment to let this sink in –

Has science has agreed with Buddha, that we possess, by the very power of our thoughts, the ability to directly and substantially benefit our own, our children’s and even our grandchildren’s health and happiness by cultivating right thinking? – wow!


But thoughts are tricky little things –

They sneak in on you. They can take you up, or bring you down and they’re persistent. Sometimes they are downright horrible, stressful, judgemental or even cruel. So how can we raise our quality of thought and keep the negative stuff out, when such a lot is at stake?


In my articles, I talk a lot about meditation –

We gain a lot when we meditate. We gain awareness of the mind and its thoughts. We watch them as they come and go. Eventually, we get better at choosing those we want; the empowering ones, the beneficial, and the compassionate ones. This is what I, personally, believe to be the Ascension process which is happening everywhere, now.


And this is why the beautiful Archangel Zadkiel Pendant came into creation. Adorned with glorious Amethyst gemstones, he helps to calm the mind, aid meditation and help us relax and de-stress.

In Love and Light, dear Angel community


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The Divine Feminine Angel Necklace

By linda | August 3, 2015

Progress, with the Divine Feminine Angel Necklace

Divine Feminine Guardian Angel Necklace



Eliminate blame.


Dictionary definition of Blame; to place the responsibility for (a fault, error, etc.) (usually followed by on):

It’s just not helpful blaming the system, our upbringing, or our partners any more;  I’m tired of all that blaming, its crazy to let other people define how we feel and how we go about our lives. If other people continue to be our problem we have to ask the question “Why”  Why are we reluctant to give up the blame game?


Well, you see, blame is a great way to hide from ourselves. I am not judging anyone when I say this, because I do it, we all do it, we learn to hide to survive life’s traumatic circumstances, but, as long as we put the responsibility on someone or something outside ourselves nothing will change; we’ll keep giving the reins of our lives to someone out there and we’ll never understand what a huge dynamic influence we have in shaping own lives, when we play small we stay small.


Dare to Change

So dare to change. Nothing will ever change until we “be the change we are seeking,” When we love ourselves, we can love others; it’s automatic. Similarly, when we have compassion for ourselves we gain compassion for others. This is the way of the feminine and it starts from within. We are the creative, the nurturing, the life giving force. When we blame, we lose it. But when we grow to love and respect ourselves correcting our own faults not others, then we recover our strength. This strength has far reaching consequences not only in our personal lives but in our communities, our governments and in our future. This is the power of the feminine

Women have to help women to do this. Since we are still the primary caregivers we can pass this awareness to our children. We have the power. It starts with ourselves, with me and with you and with gentleness. Angels embody this powerful, spiritual energy of the feminine, and this is why I am drawn to working with them and representing them in my jewelry.

Such is the creative vision behind the Divine Feminine Angel Necklace.


Angel Jewellery as development tools for personal freedom.

I believe our mental and physical health, indeed our survival and our happiness, depend on reclaiming the feminine energy, and Angels can help us to do this.

Wearing an angel pendant is like putting on a pair of wings; wings which wrap around us to comfort us on our journey, to hold us through the many challenges of everyday life, and to be a constant reminder that support is always there, with us and amongst us.

As you can see I love using crystals in my angel jewellery because they amplify and compliment each other very well.  Crystals are helpful not only to define which areas we need support with, but because they have a power of their own to help our vibration align to those qualities we desire.

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Love Tips From The Angels

By linda | June 8, 2015

angel pendant

Love Tips from the Angels.

“If you let go a little, you will have a little peace. If you let go a lot, you will have a lot of peace.” ~ Ajahn Chah


When breaking up is hard to do.


Our brain is programmed to go back over things, especially when we are hurting from love, so if you can’t get your ex out of your head, don’t worry it’s quite normal. The problem is, we often really can’t stop the negative thinking, so here is a beautiful angel pendant you can wear to stop you dwelling on the situation, plus some tips from the angels that you can use NOW to move on to better, more fulfilling relationships in your life. Ok, I know it’s difficult, but if you’re reading this, chances are you probably need a bit of angelic help, so here’s what the angels want you to know.







“Be gentle with yourself. Love yourself as the angels love you – just as you are.”

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Peace Angel

By linda | May 22, 2015

The Peace Angel – What do YOU want most out of this life?


Peace Angel Amethyst and filigree

The majority of us want a peaceful life. It’s evident by the number of organisations out there taking action for peace. A quick glance at the ones that made it into Wikipedia and we find; Peace Alliance, Peace Cafes, Granny Peace Brigade (I kid not), Amala Foundation, Waging Peace, Future Worlds Centre, Peace Alliance, Peace Direct, League of Nations and many more, with millions and millions of subscribers, donating, volunteering, giving their time and money, all for a good cause; to enable peace.

We all say we want it, so what’s going wrong, why is peace still just a dream?

“We are in an epoch different to any other epoch in human history. The problems we are facing are global in nature. They include climate change, ever decreasing biodiversity, full use of the fresh water on the planet and underpinning all these – overpopulation. Without peace we will be unable to achieve the levels of cooperation, inclusiveness and social equity required to begin solving these challenges, let alone empower the international institutions needed to regulate them”. – Steve Killelea. Vision of Humanity.

The Peace Angel Pendant.

Lets re-think the concept of peace not as a utopian dream, but as an attainable goal to strive for, and to keep us on the path we really do need the Peace Angels, and their beautiful amethyst crystals. That’s why I created this angel pendant; with a mission, and a call for peace.

Angels are hosts of peace. If we ask for their assistance they can help us to find solutions to conflicts and paradoxes and teach us how to be at peace with ourselves. We can offer prayers to the Angels of Peace to bring peace to our planet, peace to our families and friends and, most importantly, peace to ourselves.

The Amethyst Crystal.

In crystal lore the noble amethyst crystal has long been worn for its peace bringing properties. Amethyst has a calming and peaceful energy, wrapping you in a cloak of comfort, reducing stress and aiding meditation. Actually, in ancient times it was known as the sobriety stone but I wouldn’t risk it if you’re over the limit!!

Wear your Angel Pendant to help you while studying or taking an exam, when working on the resolution of a dispute, when you have to go into a stressful environment or any time you feel the need to keep your head especially clear and calm.

And most of all, wear the Peace Angel to make a stand for peace, and to remind you that we weren’t such crazy hippies after all back in the 60’s, we were standing for peace then, and we’re standing for peace now

God bless – L.


PS.Dont forget to sign up for your chance to WIN an Angel Pendant.

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Mother of Pearl

By linda | May 5, 2015

Mother of Pearl.

I love Mother of Pearl. Even as a child I was drawn to its pearly softness and its wonderful translucent, moonlike lustre. One of the things I remember from early childhood was a beautiful prayer book my parents gave me to make my first holy communion. It had gold edged pages and a cover made completely with Mother of Pearl. I remember the feeling of holding this book, its weight, the quality of the paper pages, and especially the pictures of Angels and Saints. I was absolutely captivated by their beauty, and though I wasn’t a great one for actually reading the prayers, the whole experience of the book sort of drew me in as if it had a life of its own, and it was comforting just to gaze and dream within its pages.


There was one particular picture though, in that prayer book, which provoked a remarkable experience for me as a child. It was a picture of Jesus, dying on the cross, wounded and exhausted, blood dripping from his wounds.


An Impressionable Age

I suppose I was an introverted sort of child, an only child, and definitely one prone to fantasy. I was normal for me to spend a lot of time on my own, reading and day dreaming (by the way, these are qualities I now realise are strengths, not weaknesses). This particular day as I looked through my beautiful prayer book with all the Angels and prayers I suddenly noticed that I had blood on my fingers, and on closer inspection I saw that it was coming from the wound; the wounds on Jesus’s body were wet with fresh red blood and it was staining my fingers.It was an intense moment for me because I felt as if I’d connected with his torture and suffering, and felt extreme shock that he was dying because of my sins. (This is what young girls and boys were taught in my primary school in those days). I was of course very perplexed by the blood and checked my fingers thoroughly for a cut where the blood may have come from, I even checked other pictures in the book with the colour red, to see if the print might be leaking, but there weren’t any signs of injury to my fingers nor leaking colours on other pages, and so I concluded that the blood had come from the wound, coupled with my intense emotional connection with the picture. 

The Dangers of Religious Indoctrination.

I personally believe the crucifixion story is way too heavy a burden for young children. The whole idea that little children are taught to feel guilt and shame is dangerous and has serious consequences, often affecting people for the rest of their lives. However thats another subject for another day, and I am happy to say that today I still love Mother of Pearl, and lucky for me it has only positive and beautiful associations, as do the Angels and prayer.

Mother of Pearl & a bit of Soul.   

The Divine Feminine Light Pendant is my offering, to remind us of the importance of soul nurture. If you think of the nature of Mother of Pearl you will understand how I use it in my jewelry as a symbol of motherly love and protection. Our planet is suffering not only from ecological devastation and the repressions of the Patriarchy, but with a disconnection from the light of our feminine soul. I believe we need to nurture our soul, our feminine spiritual side. We have forgotten this spirit, this sacred and motherly love, and replaced it with things, and pleasure and escape. A little bit of soul could make a big difference. A little bit of meditation, prayer and soul nurture could make a refreshing alternative to a busy day full of activities. A few quality hours spent with a loved one can often be more valuable than any gift. A day without TV, or internet or music, or shopping or books or distractions, just one quiet day spent in contemplation and self awareness can often re-connect us and nurture our divine feminine soul. Let your divine feminine shine.

Return to Divine Feminine Pendant.

mother of pearl and silver angel pendant



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We did it for Love.

By linda | October 28, 2014

For Love.

Wow, this journey to self-esteem has been a long trip. Not that its over yet, I still have a way to go, but I’m just feeling a little clearer about what went wrong, why I did the things I did for love, and how I get a better perspective on it all.
We’re not born with low self-esteem, I think we come into this world pretty much a clean slate, so this week I’ve tried to remember myself as a young teenager, to see where my esteem might have taken a dive.

Dearest Dad.

I know it wasn’t his fault, he was just doing the best he could, but we never saw eye to eye. I mean how could he understand why his daughter didn’t want to follow in his footsteps ?. Of course he could never understand what I found so interesting in astrology, or buddism, and all the nonsense about vegitarianism, he being one of England’s greatest consumers of T.bone steak; really we couldn’t have been more mismatched, unless you count resolute stubbornness as useful common ground. He had such high hopes for me, poor man and it wasn’t fun knowing that my basic nature sent him into fits of rage, in that case anyone would be a teensy bit scared of airing their views, right?

Dearest Mum.

It wasn’t her fault either, she did the best she could too, but her love was just conditional. If I was a good girl she loved me and everything went well, and if I wasn’t, all hell broke loose and I was punished. I scored approval for being well dressed, neat and clean, for being undemanding and compliant. All she wanted for me was a good man who’d take care of me, and a great big white wedding. Oh Mum, I so didn’t fit the bill did I. And all that crying Mum, why were you so unhappy?

Looking for Love.

So Daddy didn’t approve of me and Mum only liked the good bits and my feelings were terribly hurt; so hurt in fact, that I resolved, albeit unconsciously, to find a way, anyway, of getting some approval, from anywhere I could. They say that if our parents or a significant caregiver really loves and validates us, worts and all, no matter what, we should grow up with enough self esteem to feel ok about ourselves. We are supposed to self-validate. I desperately needed to know that I was ok, and that I was loveable, but I couldnt self-validate, so it became my mission to get it from someone or something ‘out there’. We all know now, that doesn’t work.

Rose Quartz Angel of Self-Love.

Anyone I know, who needs to give their self-esteem a boost could do well by asking for a little help from the Rose Quartz Angel of self-love and forgiveness. Asking for Angelic help is a lovely way to deepen our understanding of the laws of attraction and such a gentle way to clean up our energy so we draw good things to us from source… it’s true unfortunately, that if we don’t know how to treat ourselves with love, no one else will either.

Fertility Rose Quartz silver angel pendant necklace.


Love and blessings, always.



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Simple ways to Self Esteem.

By linda | October 16, 2014


 Self Esteem.

I’m seeing now that low self esteem is the result of events in childhood which caused me to believe I must be fundamentally flawed. Experiences that help to form our beliefs about ourselves often (although not always) occur early in life. What we saw, heard and experienced in childhood – in our family, in the wider community and at school – will have influenced the way we see ourself. When I was a small child, Mum and Dad were my whole world; they knew everything, and like all kids I never even questioned it. I grew up believing I was not good enough, and that unless I was careful, others would find out about me and no one would like me. Also, I learned not to have too many needs, because girls like me didn’t deserve much.  I tried hard to be a very good, helpful girl, so as to redeem myself. Consequently I grew up co-dependant, not liking myself, afraid of asking for anything, or showing that part of me my parents didn’t like. Unfortunately for everyone I reached my teenage years having absolutely nothing in common with my parents. No career I wanted to pursue pleased them and I left home at 17,  to face a world in which I was to struggle with a sorely diminished self image for more than 40 years.

Turning it Around

For three small innocuous words, low self esteem carries huge baggage. Linked to a number of emotional and behavioural problems it ranks among the strongest predictors of a variety of psychological difficulties; co-dependance, aggression, unsafe sex, teenage pregnancy, criminal behaviour, narcissism and a plethora of addictions including alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, food and love. Quite a record don’t you think?  Whats more, low self esteem can stay low, because of our own self-critical and negative thoughts, which have become so habitual we barely notice them or the harm they are doing to us.

The Angel of Confidence.

Fertility Rose Quartz silver angel pendant necklace.But I don’t want to dwell too much more on low self esteem, because it’s the solutions which interest me now. So,  for those among us who can identify with me, lets get on with the business of building esteem, replacing those negative messages and beliefs about ourselves with some real solid self worth. Here are a few ideas, visualise these as applying to you..

..glorious  confident  bright  marvelous  awesome  wonderful  constant  abundant  generous  enduring  strong  immense  caring  satisfied  unshakable  delightful  bushy tailed  golden  joyous  promising  valuable  resplendent  potent  rosy  successful  fit  remarkable  staggering  stupendous  extraordinary  astounding  fabulous  opulent  plush  sound  flourishing  vigorous…

Have a great day in the light, and be gentle with yourself.   Blessings,  Linda.

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Angel Jewelry. Lessons in Love.

By linda | August 23, 2014

archangel-uriel--love pendant

Angel Jewelry. Lessons in Love.

“When you find people who not only tolerate your quirks but celebrate them with glad cries of “Me, too!” be sure to cherish them, …because those weirdos are your tribe.”

This morning I tell my Angels that I feel discontent, and I’ve been this way for a couple of days. It’s not that anything has changed, there’s nothing to complain about, life is good, I just feel in an overly critical head space, and anyone, even strangers on the bus are not safe from the critical, irritable thoughts going on and on inside my head.

Its Okay. Its only in my Head.

Luckily, after some time in this grouchy state I caught myself. But what if we don’t catch ourselves? – what if it goes on for months, years even, what if it becomes – god help us – normal ?

Hate crime is defined as ‘any offence which is perceived to be motivated by a hostility or prejudice towards someone based on a ‘personal characteristic’. Now that struck the chord…it was only in my head, but it’s still offensive isn’t it?

A little TLC.

I ask my Angels “Please help me WITH MY NIGGLING, GROUCHY MOOD, and they said..

“Hey Linda, its good you feel grumpy, critical, angry, afraid………… (fill in the blank). You’re not perfect darling, you’re human, welcome! Feelings are just feelings and they pass, just like the clouds in the sky or the ripples on a pond. Make friends with your grumpy self, she probably just needs your love and acceptance,..a little TLC goes a long way. When we can love and forgive ourselves we grow, and we are more able to have compassion for others and to accept their differences.”

Thoughts Create.

My point is this. Thinking kind thoughts, positive thoughts, is powerful. Instead of being the eternal critic why can’t my head be noticing how lovely people are?

So I took myself out to a nice little cafe round the corner, and set about thinking what a loving mood looks like. I began by choosing to simply appreciate my surroundings, flowers in the garden, a smiling face, a pretty dress; then I would notice how delicate and fragile a person seemed, or how strong and proud a face looked; I would notice if the face showed happiness or sadness; I’d say to myself this person has a mum, a child, or someone who loves them, and that like me they have experienced pain and joy, success and loss. Then, something amazing started happening, my world was becoming human again..empathy was returning, I was thawing out.

Think Kind Thoughts.

Soon, I could see all these fellows had lives pretty much like mine. We love our families, enjoy a good evening out, or a delicious meal. We are the same species, living on the same street, on a planet spinning around in a vast universe, all dependent on the same Sun. The same wind blows past our faces, the same light in our eyes… we are much closer than I think and getting more similar by the minute.

We don’t know each other’s names, but we are intimately connected. The researchers say “Anyone alive 1,000 years ago who left any descendants will be an ancestor of every European,” The cold, hard genetic evidence points to a warm and fuzzy fact. It underlines the commonality of all of our histories, “You don’t have to go back many generations to find that we’re all related to each other.”

So what’s all this prejudice stuff about then ? All this hate ?

If we can change our thoughts from hate to love, why don’t we? Try it for one day and see the difference it makes. You don’t have to do anything more than think kindly thoughts, and as you go about your day monitor your thoughts, ask your angels to help you keep your thoughts kind and gentle. Lets have a National Love Day! Anyone up for it? Lets do it….

Be kind to yourself.


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Gorgeous and Wise. Angel Jewelry & Gentleness

By linda | July 29, 2014

Gorgeous and Wise, some thoughts on Gentleness.

Chogyam Trungpa, “The Sacred Path of the Warrior.

“We tend to think that the threats to our society or to ourselves are outside of us. We fear that some enemy will destroy us. But a society is destroyed from the inside, not from an attack by outsiders… In reality, the only thing that can destroy us is within ourselves. If we have too much arrogance, we will destroy our gentleness. And if we destroy our gentleness, then we destroy the possibility of being awake, and then we cannot use our intuitive openness to extend ourselves in situations properly. Instead, we generate tremendous aggression.”

Gorgeous and Wise, more on Gentleness.

Leon Shenandoah, ONONDAGA

 “Our Elders have taught us many lessons about becoming a Warrior and how to think and act like one. We have been told about the power of gentleness. We have been told about the power of the stillness. Physical power is about effort. Mental power is the opposite. It’s about being effortless or less any effort. Gentleness is one of the greatest attributes of the Warrior and one of the greatest mental powers. It takes a lot of love to be gentle. Gentleness is not an ego word. Gentleness is the weapon of the Great Spirit.”

angel jewellery wise and gorgeous

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Angel Jewelry. The Girls.

By linda | May 17, 2014



Angel Jewelry. In Praise of Womankind.

My daughter`s baby girl has arrived, making me a granny for the 14th time. She is 2 weeks old now and her first days here have been spent quietly cocooned in her Mothers loving arms, while we her entourage, absorbed in the bubble of baby land, are held in the spell of the sacred mystery of life and the all consuming power of new birth.

Last month awaiting her coming, it struck me that the female body is the one and only way onto this planet, at least as far as we know! We tend to take it all for granted, but think about it, its still the only way to get here. No wonder in ancient times women were held in the most high esteem. Watching my daughter`s body swell in her last few months of pregnancy was proof enough of the extraordinary miracle women perform, as their bodies so effortlessly surrender to the life-giving process.

In ancient times, woman were respected and revered as a wondrous life giving Goddess, the holy and sacred Earth Mother. I thought of Shee La Na Gig, the ancient goddess of the Celts, the formidable female through whom we all must come. Shee La, the creator of the whole Shee-bang! .. you have to go back a long way, but in antiquity it seems, we understood and proclaimed the quintessential nature of women a whole lot more than we do today.

Here at Angel Jewelry I aim to re-kindle our understanding of our divine nature, especially in the traditional feminine roles of mothering and nurture.

My experience is that we need to explore our divine feminine and grow to deeply respect our bodies for the miraculous process of re-generation with which we are the keepers.

In this way I hope that we may continue to address the enormous inconsistencies that exist between men and women and the inequalities imposed upon women and girls all over the world.

Love as always


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The Filigree Angel Pendant

By linda | May 17, 2014

Flilgree Angel Amethyst

Filigree Angel Necklace. Gifts from Angel Jewelry

Angel Jewelry has something new and special for all our Angel lovers. Yes, at last we have finished our gorgeous, silver filigree Angel necklace Pendant, and it is now ready to purchase from our website at the very affordable price of $69.50, silver chain & postage included.

Filigree is an ancient art form used in jewelry making and decoration. This exquisite, lacy, metal technique can be traced back 5000 years. Its tradition is represented in many styles, from Asian and Greek, to the Phoenician, Yemenite, Turkish, Norwegian and Russian. Filigree work is totally hand-crafted and requires great skill and concentration. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful of art forms developed by man. Its name, Filigree, comes from the Latin “Filum” (thread), and “Granum” (seed or grain).

We have researched and traveled far to learn about this ancient jewelry technique, and now use it exclusively to make some of the Angel wings for our jewelry. With its light and feathery look, I think you will agree it definitely has Angelic qualities, and beautifully captures the essence of  Angels and Angel Wings.

Love and Light


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Children, Angels & Careers for over 60’s

By linda | April 7, 2014

Angels, Babies and Careers for over 60’s.

I spent my life at least the most potentially productive part, my twenties, thirties, forties and into my fifties being Mum to my 7 children and their friends.
We lived in a remote part of the country, where there were few jobs, and fewer opportunities for adult education, so I embraced the role of full time Mum, and spent my free time which wasn’t much, tending a vegetable patch to make the dinner table more interesting and help make ends meet.
Though I remained fascinated by angels and the developing spiritual subculture, my passion was my children really, and life went by day to day, year to year until the last two left, to work in the city, by which time I was 53 years old, with a masters degree from the school of life and 3 gorgeous grandchildren.

Rearing children of the New Age

But what did being a full time Mother really mean to us women back then? And where have we arrived, after all the years of tremendously physical, and emotionally demanding work, rearing the children of the New Age..?
Well, I admire and adore my grandchildren, in fact most children, and I am lucky to have my health and a humble amount of spirituality, but it hardly counts as a career. I also have volumes of life experiences; true, gritty, tantalizing, wholesome and some not so wholesome, but as you can see, my writing skills aren’t about to win me the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award.   And I have my lovely, amazing, intelligent and fun family, but what’s a girl to do?
I worked all my life and right now I am a healthy 63 year old, who needs an income. Given my credentials, what do you suggest?.. all ideas welcome.!

best love


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HOW to WIN an Angel Wing Pendant.

By linda | March 6, 2014

Twelve Pendants to win throughout 2014.

It is a little unusual I know, but I am giving twelve of you from my Angel community a lovely silver and crystal Angel wing pendant throughout 2014. Am I crazy? I don’t know. I just want to give something back to the Angel community who are always there for me and who give me so much appreciation and encouragement, keeping me on track for making my Angel jewellery.

..and Archangel Michael Pendant too.

Apart from the twelve winners there will also be an Archangel Michael winner too. Yes, one lucky person will get the incredible Archangel Michael pendant as a gift from me. put your name and email on our list for your chance to win one of these beautiful silver and gemstone pendants….good luck and I hope you win


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Angel Jewelry. Pendant for New Beginnings.

By linda | February 23, 2014


Silver Angel Pendant. Moonstone.

moonstone angel pendant IBR 3purchase details

Moonstones are treasures of nature possessing such moon like characteristics that one is immediately seduced into the ambiance of a moonlit night, where rivers, trees and rooftops seem to take on mysterious life in those silvery, iridescent moon beams.

There is certainly a mystical quality to this splendid stone, whose legendary uses include protection for travelers, especially those who travel by night or across water.

To Ease Transitions.

Moonstone is always associated with having the power to ease our transitions from one circumstance to the next whether this be a location, an opinion, a person or an event such as marriage, childbirth or a new career.

In ancient India Moonstone’s influence on the female reproductive system has been widely documented for alleviating menstrual problems, enhancing fertility, promoting ease in pregnancy and childbirth, and change-of-life, in general balancing the hormonal system for effective feminine health.

Moonstone Angel Jewelry

Moonstone is very popular in jewellery because this is where it can serve the best.  It might be a moonstone pendant that will best soothe your heart and calm your emotions, or maybe a moonstone ring that will fit just right because of its action on an energy meridian.

moonstone angel pendant IBR 3

Just as the moon goes through its different phases so The Moonstone Angel, in the form of this lovely pendant will provide us with spiritual nourishment to assist us through all changes, bathing us with the energy of gentleness and light, bestowing a depth of feeling, feminine power, intuition and balance.

Angelic Connection

The Moonstone Angel pendant’s energies are clearly associated with the Angelic realms. The lovely silver Angel necklace carrying white/blue crystal energy helps us connect with our spiritual center and crown chakra increasing our personal identification with the Infinite, and our oneness with God, peace and wisdom.

The crown chakra located at the top of the head, is said to be our gateway to the expanded universe beyond our bodies. It is the fountainhead of our beliefs and the source of our spirituality. It connects us to the higher planes of existence and is the source of universal energy and truth. When the Crown is in balance, our energies are in balance. We know our place in the universe and see things as they are. We are unruffled by setbacks, knowing they are an essential part of life.

This enchanting gemstone belongs to the large mineral group of the feldspar, of which almost two thirds of all the rocks on Earth belong.

The classical moonstones, almost transparent and with their bluish shimmer, come from SriLanka and are always cut as cabochons, the most important thing being the correct height of the stone.

However, this beautiful gemstone does have one weak point, and that is its relatively low hardness of only 6 on the Moh’s scale. For this reason, moonstones should be handled with care, for like all creatures linked to the moon they are sensitive.

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Angel Jewelry VIDEO. New Collection 2014

By linda | February 19, 2014

Watch the Angel Jewelry short video with the new updated collection for 2014 ..

The Best of Angel Jewelry.

It wont take you very long to realize that this is our most angelic collection to date. All the Angel Pendants are made with absolute love and pure silver, with our most sparkling gemstones hand picked with love, and our very sincere wish that they bring you closer and more constantly inspired by Angels.

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free

Though I would be completely crazy to liken anything I do to such brilliance as Michelangelo, I can see that in some way I act as a kind of channel, delivering the angels to you through my jewelry. I have always maintained it is with their direction that these lovely designs are maniifest, and that I probably wouldn’t have been able to make anything so beautiful on my own.

– Remembering our connectedness, Linda

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Angel Jewelry. Mother’s of Mothers

By linda | February 11, 2014


Angel Jewelry. Connecting with love.

My daughter`s baby girl has arrived, making me a granny for the 14th time. Two weeks old now she smiles, sleepily from her mothers arms, while we her entourage, fuss quietly around the tender pair, each one of us still captivated in the spell of this sacred mystery.
Last month, awaiting her coming, it struck me that the female body is the only way onto this planet. We tend to take it for granted, but think about it, its the only way to get here.

Celebrate our Creativity

Watching my daughter`s belly swell in these last few months of pregnancy was proof enough of the most extraordinary miracle women perform, as our bodies, willingly or un-willingly, surrender to give life.
In ancient times, the female was respected and revered for this wondrous & life giving power, and as we look back in time, we see Her essence venerated, with the deepest respect, in every single culture on earth, as the Holy Mother or the Supreme Goddess.


Acknowledge our Genius

I thought of Shee La Na Gig, the ancient Goddess of the Celts; that formidable female through whose cavernous birth canal we all must come. Shee-La, the creator of the whole Shee-bang! .. you have to go back a few thousand years, but in antiquity it seems, our genius was acknowledged, and not for that tiny waist, all frail and waif like, but for bulbous and fruitful hips, loaded breasts and bellies naturally fecund, all saturated with our quintessential ingenuity.

In Thanks

I remembered while birthing my own kids, how inescapable was my surrender to this life force, and how for a moment during their birth it seemed as if “She” took over, and I became her channel, consenting tacitly to her will.  I remember calling, even shouting out to her for a safe birth, thanking her for my new born child, and later, for the unspeakable surge of identity I felt, with the one love and the oneness of all creation.
And today I am thanking her again, for my newest granddaughter’s safe and awesome delivery into our world, and once again I feel that very special connection to my grandmother friends, those daughters of daughters, who have all known beyond a doubt, who “She” is, the She La.

I would love your comments, stories and birth tales. Please feel free to respond. It would be great to hear from you.

Remembering our connectedness.



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Angel Jewelry A short video about a few of my Favourite Angels.

By linda | January 29, 2014

Gabriel white light

Here is a short video i made about

My Most favourite Angels! 

Click HERE to view Some of my Most Favourite Angels


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