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"The pieces I create combine an image with the subtle energy frequencies of crystals and gemstones which work by themselves empowering the wearer to receive constant energetic support for their own personal intent. Because of the way crystals are formed they hold the most precise orderly stable and predictable energy structures in the natural world."

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Angel Jewelry. Lynn Devata Angelic Reiki 2012.

Here is a quick look at Lynn`s  Angelic Reiki classes for 2012.

   Angelic Reiki
   Upcoming Courses
   Angelic Reiki
   January 17th 2012

   Angelic Reiki is the absolute joy of working hand in hand with the Angelic
   Kingdom of Light to bring one of the highest forms of healing to
   individuals, groups and the planet.

   I invite you all to join me for some spiritually uplifting and healing
   workshops in 2012.  Angelic Reiki was specifically channelled to Earth to
   help humanity deal with the new energies that are coming in at this very
   important time.  Each of us are blessed to be on Earth at this time and each
   of us has the opportunity to work with the angels to help heal ourselves,
   others, and the planet.  This to me, in its simplest form, is what Angelic
   Reiki is all about.

   What should you expect from Angelic Reiki Level 1 & 2?

     Two Angelic Reiki cleanses and attunements

     One Archangelic initiation and blessing

     A definition and understanding of the nature of angelic energy

     The principles of clearing and dedicating space

     Six healing methods including self and distant healing

     Cleansing and tuning crystals

     Four practical healing exchanges

   With the practical healing exchanges you will both give and receive Angelic
   Reiki  healing.  The opportunity for healing and transformation during this
   weekend is immense!

                          ANGELIC REIKI LEVEL 1&2

                         3rd/4th/5th February 2012

                              Investment: £195

        Includes Comprehensive Manual, Certificate & Master Crystal.

   For those of you who have already been attuned to Level 1 & 2, I now invite
   you to take the next step on your spiritual progression.  You already know
   how powerful and beautiful the Angelic Reiki workshop is, and Level 3& 4
   will take you to an even higher level.

                          ANGELIC REIKI LEVEL 3&4

                           2nd/3rd/4th March 2012

                              Investment: £295

                 Includes Comprehensive Manual, Certificate

   In Angelic Reiki the 3 & 4 Masters workshop is not the teacher
   qualification. It is a stepping stone along our personal spiritual path. It
   will awaken spiritual talents and everyone will use this energy in their own
   unique way. One may find that work colleagues and friends seek advice where
   they didnt before, inspirational writing and poetry may start to flow and
   life may start to unfold in a new way. Lessons that the Soul has chosen may
   come up energetically and present difficult challenges.

   There is a modern misperception that when one walks the Spiritual path life
   is smooth, good, easy and joyful.  It would be more accurate to say that
   todays Spiritual path is changeable, dynamic, rugged, challenging and some
   times chaotic. It is our choice whether we walk this path with Grace, Love,
   Joy and Power.

   The Path of the Master is rarely an easy one but it is full of LIFE.

   This workshop is a gift for anyone who wants to merge more deeply with the
   Angelic Kingdom.


                            17th/18thMarch 2012

                              Investment: £195

      This course covers everything needed for the healer to set up as
 professional practitioner of Angelic Reiki. It includes attunements and two
   further healing practices. It also includes guidance and information on
   healing through death, bringing grace and harmony to this part of life.

  Upon completion of this course you can apply for insurance and charge for
                      Angelic Reiki Healing Sessions.

                                 DATES TBC

                        INFO OR TO BOOK YOUR PLACE.

   All bookings require a minimum £50 deposit which is non-refundable or
   exchangable should you not give at least 5 days notice of non-attendance.
   This is due to the energy of Angelic Reiki requiring a minimum of 4 people
   for the course to run and it is disapointing to all if one person cannot
   attend at last minute. Thank you.
   Angelic Reiki in Northern Ireland

   Angelic Reiki was channelled to the Earth through the Archangel Metatron to
   Kevin and Christine Core in the early part of the 21st Century to help
   humanity through the ascension process which we are now slap bang in the
   middle of (2012).  I cannot tell you exactly why I was drawn to Angelic
   Reiki, only than I was totally guided to it by the Angels.  The journey that
   I have taken with it on a personal level was greater than any I have ever
   experienced in my 35 years on this planet.  And now the journey that I am
   taking professionally with this system of healing is a true blessing to me.
   I studied Angelic Reiki in London in 2008/2009 and have slowly built myself
   up through the levels of self healing onto Professional Practitioner and
   then to Master Teacher.

   To the best of my knowledge I was the first teacher of Angelic Reiki in
   Northern Ireland.   I began teaching at the beginning of 2010 and since then
   have attuned many groups, some of whom use it for self healing, others who
   have gone on to a Practitioner level and I have also attuned 3 Master
   Teachers who I hope will be beginning to teach in the near future.

   I hope to create a network of Angelic Reiki Practitioner’s in the future and
   we hold Angelic Reiki healing swaps for those attuned every few months –
   aiming to make this more regular too!


   Angelic Reiki Levels

   Angelic Reiki is taught through four levels.  Currently these are held as
   four different workshops however I hope to do weekly Intensive courses in
   the future.

   The four workshops are
     * Angelic Reiki First and Second Degree.
     * Angelic Reiki Third and Fourth Degree.
     * Angelic Reiki Professional Practitioner and service.
     * Angelic Reiki Master Teacher.

   The first two workshops support the participants own personal spiritual

   In the first one there are three attunements, two to the pure angelic
   vibration of the Reiki symbols as originally given in the time of Lemuria,
   and the third an initiation into the Angelic Kingdom of Light. This
   attunement literally changes the vibration of every cell molecule and atom
   of the physical body and attunes our consciousness to become more in line
   with that of the Angels. There are four healing practices, including self
   healing and distance healing.

   The second workshop includes a further three attunements encompassing 12
   symbols and an activation of the symbols through all 12 dimensions by the
   Lord Melchizedek. This attunement includes The Master Symbol. The attunement
   into the Angelic Reiki Master Symbol is the invitation and spiritual
   blessing that paves the way to self mastery. It is from this place that we
   can help others.

   The third workshop covers everything needed for professional practitioner
   and is also of value to everyone. It includes attunements and two further
   healing practices. It also includes guidance and information on healing
   through death, bringing grace and harmony to this part of life. In the
   second part of this workshop there is practical guidance on setting up in
   practice, our codes of ethics and high professional conduct.

   The fourth workshop brings a deepening of the connection to the Angelic
   Kingdom and the information needed to teach this wonderful healing modality
   to others

   For all the information you’ll ever need on Angelic Reiki please visit the
   Angelic Reiki official website link below or contact me if you have any



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