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"The pieces I create combine an image with the subtle energy frequencies of crystals and gemstones which work by themselves empowering the wearer to receive constant energetic support for their own personal intent. Because of the way crystals are formed they hold the most precise orderly stable and predictable energy structures in the natural world."

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Simple ways to Self Esteem.


 Self Esteem.

I’m seeing now that low self esteem is the result of events in childhood which caused me to believe I must be fundamentally flawed. Experiences that help to form our beliefs about ourselves often (although not always) occur early in life. What we saw, heard and experienced in childhood – in our family, in the wider community and at school – will have influenced the way we see ourself. When I was a small child, Mum and Dad were my whole world; they knew everything, and like all kids I never even questioned it. I grew up believing I was not good enough, and that unless I was careful, others would find out about me and no one would like me. Also, I learned not to have too many needs, because girls like me didn’t deserve much.  I tried hard to be a very good, helpful girl, so as to redeem myself. Consequently I grew up co-dependant, not liking myself, afraid of asking for anything, or showing that part of me my parents didn’t like. Unfortunately for everyone I reached my teenage years having absolutely nothing in common with my parents. No career I wanted to pursue pleased them and I left home at 17,  to face a world in which I was to struggle with a sorely diminished self image for more than 40 years.

Turning it Around

For three small innocuous words, low self esteem carries huge baggage. Linked to a number of emotional and behavioural problems it ranks among the strongest predictors of a variety of psychological difficulties; co-dependance, aggression, unsafe sex, teenage pregnancy, criminal behaviour, narcissism and a plethora of addictions including alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, food and love. Quite a record don’t you think?  Whats more, low self esteem can stay low, because of our own self-critical and negative thoughts, which have become so habitual we barely notice them or the harm they are doing to us.

The Angel of Confidence.

Fertility Rose Quartz silver angel pendant necklace.But I don’t want to dwell too much more on low self esteem, because it’s the solutions which interest me now. So,  for those among us who can identify with me, lets get on with the business of building esteem, replacing those negative messages and beliefs about ourselves with some real solid self worth. Here are a few ideas, visualise these as applying to you..

..glorious  confident  bright  marvelous  awesome  wonderful  constant  abundant  generous  enduring  strong  immense  caring  satisfied  unshakable  delightful  bushy tailed  golden  joyous  promising  valuable  resplendent  potent  rosy  successful  fit  remarkable  staggering  stupendous  extraordinary  astounding  fabulous  opulent  plush  sound  flourishing  vigorous…

Have a great day in the light, and be gentle with yourself.   Blessings,  Linda.

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