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"The pieces I create combine an image with the subtle energy frequencies of crystals and gemstones which work by themselves empowering the wearer to receive constant energetic support for their own personal intent. Because of the way crystals are formed they hold the most precise orderly stable and predictable energy structures in the natural world."

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Angels of Love and Peace, Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year from Angel jewelry.

For Love we are born.
It is Love that sustains us.
It is unto Love that we return.
– Upanishads (Hindu Scriptures)
To merely speak these words of love and peace requires little of us, but then to embrace this model as a way of behaving on a daily basis, is truly a lifelong undertaking of such cosmic proportions, I wonder if I will ever in a million years accomplish it.
But let it be our goal.
I certainly live in gratitude that my pacifist ideal has never been put to the real test, as is the case of those unfortunates caught up in the horrors of war or oppression, but even though I do not live with these extremes I still find that I struggle with the basics.
Love my neighbour wow.,as myself wow, peace, honesty, gratitude, forgiveness ?,.. these I find truly challenging, these are not easy tasks,.. oh no .
And so we have a new year, a brand new expanse of time and space spread out before us, in which to nurture and grow our dreams, to take care of what matters to us, and to make a difference. 
For myself, and anyone looking to make one single new year resolution, I came across this gem yesterday,
Live your life only in such a way that when you wake up in the morning there is nothing you don’t like about yourself, or what you`ve done in the past 24 hours. If you find that you owe, to yourself or anyone else an amend, make it, as soon as possible.
What do you think ?
Now is the time,
Act with Love.

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