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About Angel Jewelry

"The pieces I create combine an image with the subtle energy frequencies of crystals and gemstones which work by themselves empowering the wearer to receive constant energetic support for their own personal intent. Because of the way crystals are formed they hold the most precise orderly stable and predictable energy structures in the natural world."

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ANGELS came back into MY LIFE

THE STORY OF Angel Jewellery.

Angel Jewellery is 6 years old this year. Since its launch in 2007, we have made thousands of Angel pendants, and sent them all over the world.

From Uruguay to Norway, South Africa to Singapore, Angel lovers enjoy the protection and comfort that wearing an Angel pendant brings. I also have hundreds of letters of thanks and appreciation, from delighted customers who have bought and wear their Angel Pendant regularly. Some tell me they have worn their Angel necklace continuously for 2 or 3 years, and report that it still looks as beautiful as the day they bought it; I have stories of their Angel bringing them successfully through operations, relationship break ups, marriages, the birth of a child; triumphs and losses of all kinds. Quite an honour, and a compliment for us at Angel Jewellery, as well as testament to the strength and tenacity of our work.

I may have told you, in the beginning I had very little experience with Angels. As a child I remember saying prayers to my guardian Angel, asking her to look after me and my dear dog Pinky;  but through the years that followed, up until my late 40’s, I had completely forgotten about them.

Then, one day, a friend asked me to make an Angel pendant. A few days later another person, completely unrelated to my friend, asked if I could make an Angel pendant for her also. Delighted with two commissions in the same week, I began work on designs, and to my utter astonishment, the very next day another customer asked for, guess what?.. an Angel Pendant. Not a week went by, for several months, that someone did not ask me for an Angel, and this is how the Angels came back into my life.

To this day I still ask myself how it all happened; Angel Jewellery.

I know myself I have been diligent in my work with the Angels. I have kept an open mind, and I have showed up, for them and for myself. I trust in the immutable laws of abundance and attraction, and I have rarely lost site of the spiritual gifts these Angel pendants give to people every day, in every corner of the world. The conclusion I came to some time back is; the Angels chose me. By keeping an open heart and an open mind, they chose me, and work through me to bring you their healing, energy and love, in the form of these beautiful jewellery pieces.

In the words of Caroline Myss, my long time favourite west coast Guru and spiritual teacher,

quote; if we only say two simple prayers each day, these are enough,

prayer 1)  “show me”

prayer 2)  “thank you”

Celebrating our connections worldwide,





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