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"The pieces I create combine an image with the subtle energy frequencies of crystals and gemstones which work by themselves empowering the wearer to receive constant energetic support for their own personal intent. Because of the way crystals are formed they hold the most precise orderly stable and predictable energy structures in the natural world."

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Angel Jewelry. Engage Connect and Share


Its early in the morning, and Day 13 of Natalie Sisson’s 30day Blog Challenge, when I am woken by the ANGEL of AH HA !.
In a sublime moment of Clarity and Illumination she shows me exactly what i must do to turn my blog and website into the 6 figure business i have been striving to create for years. WAOOOO!  I am getting it Natalie! You are an amazing teacher.

In a flash I realise three things I must do to to my website, now.

1. When signing off at the end of my blogs, my parting message has always been;
With love,
Linda.” .
.and little did I know, this IS the secret, ..connect connect connect. In the virtual world they call it “LINK”
I have to “link” with as many different businesses as possible, and get people to link to me. Another word for it is ENGAGE ENGAGE ENGAGE. It’s all about getting people to link, engage, connect and share.
2. I need to go from VIRTUAL to VIRAL, to get my readers interested enough to engage with my products and to Affiliate,..  I think i can do this with and
I want to make a lovely page which customers can load onto their website easily, to sell my much sought after and exclusive Angel Jewellery, helping them to make a great commission too!  Also I need a sign up box for subscribers.
3…and I need a more professional looking website so that big businesses want to link and advertise with me. I need better photos of my jewellery, some podcasts and short interesting videos to show off the Angel pendants.

 Unique Serene and Free.


I am Mother of 7 beautiful people, and Grandmother of 14. We are a close and loving family, but we are becoming more and more scattered as time goes by, so this is why I have become nomadic, building my online business in a suitcase, so I can work AND spend time with every one of my kids and grandkids at least once a year. I go from Ireland to London, Canada to Bali, and sometimes, just for a little break from family I go to Portugal to visit friends and I am even planning a trip to China.
I have recently moved to LONDON, and my life is literally IN A SUITCASE!  My online business, and in fact my ENTIRE LIFE runs from an iPad, three small boxes of Jewellery, a bag of clothes (half taken up with toiletries and shoes) and a light briefcase. I have been living this way for 18 months now, so without actually realising it I am a natural, authentic, real life SUITCASE ENTRPRENEUR.
And I am 63 in October !
Yesterday I took my GRANDCHILDREN out for the day to see DESPICABLE ME 2, and grab some wonderful japanese sushi at KOYA, which I am glad to say, they enjoy much more than Mc Donald’s.,  I am blending yesterday’s blog with today’s which is all about what makes me Unique, and how me and my Angel Jewelry are inspiring women to achieve their ubber most success.
My handmade Angels support us as we learn and grow. Studded with sumptuous gemstones, they act as a constant reminder for us to focus and to stay strong, achieving health, freedom and love even as we grow into maturity. We CAN follow our hearts and our dreams,  at any age!
 Everyone needs a little help along the way, and my utterly unique Angel Jewellery does this beautifully and powerfully.
Celebrate connectedness !

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