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About Angel Jewelry

"The pieces I create combine an image with the subtle energy frequencies of crystals and gemstones which work by themselves empowering the wearer to receive constant energetic support for their own personal intent. Because of the way crystals are formed they hold the most precise orderly stable and predictable energy structures in the natural world."

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Angel Jewelry. Angels of Light and Love. Necklaces.

Angel Jewelry. Silver Angels of Light and Love


Amethyst Silver Angel Pendant Necklace

Angel Jewelry. Silver Guardian Angel Pendants

Angel Jewelry. Silver Guardian Angel Pendants work all by themselves.  Angels are beings of the two most fundamental energies in the cosmos, light and love. Their purpose is to share their light with us and help humanity evolve.

The Crystal Promise

I use crystals in my Angel Jewelry because they vibrate at frequencies which are constant and reliable, and can therefore be used to form a resonance with compatible energies. Once a circuit has been established the crystal will stay locked in to the energy through a process of mutual reinforcement.  The frequencies Angels inhabit is far more complex and far reaching than the human mind is capable of understanding at this point in time, but we can establish a human circuit through the power of thought and prayer, which the crystals will hold, forming a powerful link and locking us in to our chosen Angel and their healing energy.

The Gift of Angel Jewelry

This is the gift of Angel Jewelry. Wearing your Angel pendant with its appropriate crystal will work for you, holding your connection all by itself.  We are each powerful spiritual beings, and sparks of the Divine. Through our own free will we are seeking connection with the Angelic realms and experiencing more and more the expansion of light within ourselves and our world. In this way we are becoming the co-creators of peace and love and illumination.


Love and light.


Celebrating the connectedness of all beings.





2 Responses to “Angel Jewelry. Angels of Light and Love. Necklaces.”

  1. Michael Says:
    June 1st, 2013 at 2:08 pm

    Hi, I was just wondering if it is possible to have any of these pendants made with gold or a gold coating?

    Thank you.

  2. linda Says:
    June 6th, 2013 at 12:42 pm

    Hi Michael
    Yes this is perfectly possible. If you are looking for a really good looking gold angel necklace I can make any of my Angel Pendats on the website with a 4micro 22ct gold plate, onto sterling silver. this has a beautiful look and finish and is hard wearing and permanent.
    The cost is about 1/3 extra, onto the original price, for a very high quality gold.
    I can make a solid gold pendant as well, using 14ct gold. The cost for this depends on which you choose, but as a general rule a sold gold Angel necklace whichever model will cost 3 times the silver price stated on my website. Please write to me and we can discuss it anyway.
    Best regards.

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