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"The pieces I create combine an image with the subtle energy frequencies of crystals and gemstones which work by themselves empowering the wearer to receive constant energetic support for their own personal intent. Because of the way crystals are formed they hold the most precise orderly stable and predictable energy structures in the natural world."

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Angel Jewelry. A Star is Born. Mother and Daughter Pendants Coming Soon.

A Star is Born. Mother and Daughter Pendants Coming Soon.

When you have your baby, your first baby, it is the most special moment of your entire life. No one can tell you what it`s going to be like, it is one of those unique and amazing experiences which stay with you and change you forever.
My first baby was born at home in the middle of a heat wave in 1972.
I wanted a natural drug free birth as I believed that women’s bodies were perfectly designed to have babies easily and safely without any clinical interference or artificial help, and I was completely confident that my body was going to do it just fine all by itself, just as women had been doing for ever.
The national health board sent a midwife to check on me for several months leading up to the birth and this wonderful woman advised me to drink raspberry leaf tea to strengthen my birthing muscles, and this I did religiously every day.
I loved being pregnant, and looked forward to the birth with great excitement.
When labour finally began though, about midnight, all I could do was wish it would wait until morning, till I had slept, and had more strength, Overcome with an immense desire to sleep I spent the wee hours drifting from contraction to dream and back to contraction, until at 7am I woke my partner who had managed to sleep through it all, to tell him that I was in labour and  it was time to phone the midwife. He thought it was a bit early to be disturbing her, but I insisted, it was time, I knew.
During the next couple of hours we went through every single emotion I can think of.. In between the breathing and the panting I cried, laughed, prayed and cursed.
Sometimes though, I welcomed the power, and the wonderful wildness of the pain, the excitement, the longing bringing me closer. I  was struck with electric awareness that I shall either die or triumph, trapped in this thin and fragile gap between this world and the other, where there was now no question of retreat, only surrender and trust and  inordinately hard work.
Baby was born at 9.15.
Cuddling my baby girl for the first time was probably the happiest, most fulfilling moment in my life. She felt other worldly, the most precious of gifts, and there was no-where she belonged save right here in my arms, where love flowed, oh so soft and gentle. It felt like a sacrament to behold her, an initiation into the great mystery of life.
At the same time I felt like mother Mary combined with feral woman. Fierce proud protectress, and spaced out cosmic starchild.
Hailed and nourished by the myriads of mothers human and animal, who had given birth before me we slumped exhausted in our bed, visited later by a chorus of encouragement and appraisal from proud relatives and friends.
“We are going to call her Tara“ we told them,  “meaning Queen or Star”
mother and baby pendants
Do you have any birth stories?? I would love to hear them.
Love and blessings

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