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"The pieces I create combine an image with the subtle energy frequencies of crystals and gemstones which work by themselves empowering the wearer to receive constant energetic support for their own personal intent. Because of the way crystals are formed they hold the most precise orderly stable and predictable energy structures in the natural world."

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Angel Jewellery, manifestations of Love and Miracles.

Angel Jewelry. Keeping an open mind


Recently my daughter and her 3 friends were at a rock festival and the act they most wanted to see attracted a crowd of 80,000 people. Standing mostly, for one and a half hours they listened and were entertained by several dynamic artists who had come together that night to perform to their audience.

Apparently the show wasn`t just averagely good, but seemingly soared into the realms of utterly and amazingly brilliant, according to my daughter, the crowd and the press who favoured it the following day with rave reviews.

.. In the light of the continual bad press which the youth of today and these rock concerts are subjected to, I would like to bring attention the fact that there are surprisingly few events which ever attract a crowd of 80,000 plus. Added to this fact, is it not somewhat remarkable that those who gathered did so with minimum fuss, and having been entertained with great music, dispersed peaceably with the same ease as they had come together …?

So to whom do we owe this extraordinary behaviour.. the musicians? the festival organisers? well yes, to a certain extent, but please take some pride in the fact that these are our youth, and please give them a whole lot more credence.  These young folk have passion, and show unity, and thinking about it, isn`t that just what scares us.  Like it or not these are the people who are bringing down the borders, ousting the dictators and extending the frontiers into a new era.. Forget your politicians; these are the guys who are really changing the world.

Back at their tents in the wee hours of the morning when all was quiet, my daughter and her friends witnessed a strange and awesome sight.  Around 30 golden balls of light passed overhead in unison moving and bouncing silently and slowly across the sky from horizon to horizon. They described it as being an O.M.G. moment, a very peaceful experience, along with a sense of being minded, validated and even observed.  Yea right.. I said to myself, and suspecting their vision may have been induced by certain unnatural means, I had to ask the obvious. But no, these were just a tired, slightly drunk group of long time friends, who had talked late into a starry festival night inspired by a brilliant concert and each other’s company.

Scientifically the odds have been against my beliefs for a long time, but physics now recognises that concentrated psychic activity (such as is produced by large crowds of like minded people, (or animals)) creates or attracts visible energy fields and other amazing phenomena which are still considered by many as hocus pocus and those who witness them as living in la la land..Like the flat earth syndrome, certain facts provoke extreme resistance, but I have always held the notion that there are higher energies out there, angel’s maybe, higher intelligence definitely, who make appearances from time to time to acknowledge and help us.  If as I imagine there are such higher beings, I am sure that there is nothing they love more than to pass over a peaceful and sleepy festival site, happy in the knowledge that we can still party and celebrate, regardless of our differences, cultural or religious, in peace and unity and with good intentions. Rock music has succeeded where politics and religion have failed.

I am proud of my kids today, and their friends. I am lucky to say I love their music, and its spirit. I love the way they have embraced life from alternative perspectives, from their new approach to healing, to the foods they eat, their new age philosophies, and their awareness of social and political injustices.  I am happy that they are not bigoted, racist or biased.

We need to validate our youth more, and tell them how amazing they really are. The challenge to be real and authentic in today’s world is tough but I know they are considering each other and their future on the planet. I know they are open minded enough to conceive of something bigger than themselves and I fully trust that they are making this world a better place.

O infinite universe, whatever mysteries you embrace out there, give them some sign, give them some beautiful golden Angels or U.F.O`s, let them see the beauty in themselves, for themselves, let them see the miracle.


“And let your bending be with gladness, for just as he loves the arrow that flies, so also does he love the bow that is stable”  quote, Kahil Gibran.

Love for now,


Angel Jewellery,© 2011,

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