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"The pieces I create combine an image with the subtle energy frequencies of crystals and gemstones which work by themselves empowering the wearer to receive constant energetic support for their own personal intent. Because of the way crystals are formed they hold the most precise orderly stable and predictable energy structures in the natural world."

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Amethyst Angel Pendant.

Amethyst Angel

Amethyst Angel Pendant, in 9.25 Silver.2.5″ in length. Containing 5 cut Amethyst crystal.

Amethyst Angel Pendant. Studying or learning right now ?

The power of the mind is stimulated by the Amethyst Angel, assisting concentration, study, memory, intuitiom and decision making. Strenthening our spiritual connectedness, she aids meditation, restores emotional balance, and brings comfort in times of grief or sadness. She also helps overcome stress, negative thought patterns and all addictions.

Birthstone for Feb/March.

Crown Chakra.

Pendant comes with an 18″ Sterling Silver curb chain.

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Chrysophrase Angel Pendant.


Solid silver Angel Pendant, 2.5″ long, x5 chrysoprase cabouchon crystals.

 If you are living in the Fast Lane…and  need time out.

Relax in the soft green aura of the Crysophrase Angel and surrender to her for a moment of tranquility and calm, especially in the midst of today’s noisy and frantic world. Wearing this beautiful Angel reminds us to take our foot off the gas, breathe, and center our self, allowing for contact with that peaceful place within, where we may observe, reflect and unwind. Today, so much emphasis is placed upon achievement, performance and the speed at which we can operate in our job, and in our lives. The Chrysophase Angel helps us to address the imbalance which can arise from the stress and demands of everyday living, in today`s challenging environment.

Birth crystal for  Jan/Feb/   May/Jun.

Energises the Heart and Sacral Chakras.

This pendant comes with an 18″ sterling silver link chain.

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The Archangel Michael. Truth. Courage. Protection. Victory.


Pendant size 7cm x 5.7cm.

Archangel Michael Pendant with 6 glorious gemstones. Iolite,Topaz, Aquamarine, Kyanite,Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli, energetically support and magnify all Michael attributes of Truth, Courage, Protection, Victory and moving forward. With Archangel Michael fear and anxiety leave us. Please contact me if there is anything I can help you with.



All pendants are presented in a satin lined gift box, free postage & free chain.

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Angel Jewellery calling ALL my wonderful customers.
Silver Angel Ring Topaz Opal. Angel Jewelry.
 Here are the pictures of my new Angel rings for you to see. The gemstones are white opal and topaz, a beautiful angelic combo of soft powder blues for a truly etherial effect. I have them in sizes 8,9,10 & 11.  Love them !
Silver Angel ring. Topaz and Opal. Angel Jewelry.

Here we are, with lots more Angels coming in all sorts of shapes, colors and sizes and with your well being in mind. Let me know what you think about these new Angel Rings, and of course any more Angel requests will be welcome. We aim to please.

Love as always,


Ring Size


Angel Wing Pendant, in mother of pearl and silver, by Angel Jewelry.

Silver and Mother of Pearl Angel Wing pendant  is my newest addition to the Angel Collection. I know you will love it. Hand crafted with love, by Angel Jewelry.

silver ange wing pendantAngel Wing Pendant measures 5cmx2cm, and comes beautifully boxed, with 18″ chain.

According to oriental traditions the smooth, lustrous and iridescent mother of pearl attracts money, wealth and good luck, and is often given as a gift in order to wish prosperity to a friend or loved one.

The mother of pearl Angel wing necklace symbolizes faith, charity, innocence, integrity and self-reflection. It is a highly protective stone and is said to be a  particularly potent stone of protection for children.

Free shipping worldwide

Turquoise Angel Pendant.

turquoise angel

Sterling Silver Angel Pendant, 2.5″ long, with 2 turquoise  cabouchon stones and 3 cut topaz in the drops.

Planning a World Tour?

Let the Turquoise Angel of Safe journeys guide your loved one on their travells and deliver them home safely.

The Turquoise Angel is protective and purifying.. She dispels negative influences, promotes a positive self image, and protects against electromagnetic smog.

She encourages self-expression and is invaluable for calming the nerves before a public performance. She is said to protect travellers and ensure their safe return.

Bithstone for Feb/March/Nov/Dec.

Throat Chakra

An 18″ Sterling silver curb chain is included with this purchase.

Price Including Shipping

Topaz Angel Pendant.

Topaz Angel

Solid Silver Angel Pendant, 2″ long, 5 cut Baby blue Topaz

In Search of Inspiration?

Turn to the Angel of Inspiration with its topaz stone for new ideas and inspiration for creative projects. An ideal gift for writers or actors.

Birthstone for Nov/Dec.

Pendant comes with Sterling Silver link chain.

Price Including Shipping

Ruby Angel Pendant.


Want to Re-ignite the Passion?

If you feel the spark has gone the Angel of Love, with its ruby, may help to restore passion by strengthening love on all levels.

Opening the heart to love,  the Ruby Angel kindles the flame of enthusiasm and passion. Stimulating, invigorating and highly motivating, she gives us strength in adversity,  and the courage to follow our hearts true desires.  She encourages social and sexual activity, supports an abundance mentality, and aids with retaining wealth.  A great sence of self-confidence and self-love surround the wearer of the ruby Angel.

Birthstone for  Mar/Apr/Jul/Aug/Dec/Jan <

Heart Chakra.

An 18″ sterling silver curb chain is included with this pendant.

The Healing properties of Ruby.

The healing properties of the Ruby are associated with the lymph system and the blood. Ruby detoxifies the body, treats fevers, infectious diseases and restricted blood flow.

It is extreemly benificial for the heart and the circulatory system. It stimulates the adrenals, the kidneys, the reproductive organs, and the spleen. BUY NOW


Angel Jewelry. The Dancing Angel Pendant.

Dance is so much more than music and steps – its major contributions to our well-being is evident from the importance it has played in ceremony, rituals and celebrations from the earliest of human civilizations, in fact Archeology actually delivers traces of dance from as far back as prehistoric times.

Dancing Angel Pendant

      The dance of life Angel Pendant size 2.5″x 1.4″.

One of the earliest structured uses of dances may have been in the performance and in the telling of myths. Before the use of written languages, dance was one of the methods of passing these stories down from generation to generation.
Another early use of dance may have been as a precursor to ecstatic trance states in healing rituals.
For many people nowadays the desire to dance can be a way of self expression, and a way to release, or express feelings and emotions, instead of getting ‘stuck’ in them.
I have made the Dancing Angel for all of us whose passion is to dance, in all, and in any of its varied forms, and whether you are a professional dancer, or interested in dance as pure recreation, I believe the purpose of dance is to unite; to bring our subtle energies into harmony and rhythm with one another; a way to celebrate life.
Rumi quote. ..“Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.”

Love, as always, Linda.

FREE shipping & FREE chain.

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All my pieces are presented in a lovely satin lined gift box.

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Feel like the Star that you are with the beautiful Mother of Pearl Angel Wing Earrings.

mother of pearl angel wings earrings

Mother of Pearl and Silver Angel Wing Earrings. Length 2″

Mother of Pearl is comfortable and beautiful to wear and is said to be of great benifit to our skin. It is associated with Venus the Goddess of Beauty and Love.

These delicately hand carved pearly white Angel Wing Earrings are set and held in a silver band detail which gives them both luminosity and elegance. Light and easy to wear, they enhance any complexion and warm the spirit. All my jewellery comes to you beautifully presented in satin boxes.

Price including shipping

These Mother of pearl earrings can be teamed up with my Mother of pearl Angel Wing Pendant. Same size as the earrings they form a matching set of great beauty and craftsmanship. To see the Angel Wing Pendant please go to

Angel Jewelry Copyright 2012©


Fertility Angel Necklaces, by Angel Jewelry.

In my experience as a mother of 7 children, I believe one of the most important gemstone Angel pendants to wear for anyone who wants to conceive is the Carnelian Angel of Fertility. Carnelian Angels boost fertility, energy and sexuality. The Carnelian crystal will stimulate the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix and vagina. It alleviates PMS, balances reproductive hormones and is said to guard against miscarriage. This stone is also used to alleviate stress and depression, establishing a happy and relaxed approach to conception and motherhood.

carnelian angel pendant

The Carnelian Angel Pendant Size 2.5cm x 5cm. 

Price includes chain. Free Shipping Worldwide.


The Fertility Superboost Angel Pendant

Increases and enhances conception, supports us through pregnancy and birth, guiding us in all aspects of motherhood. Nestled between silver Angel wings are 5 of the most essential gemstones for our journey. Angel Jewelry blend these fertility crystals for this very special time with love and divine, angelic inspiration 

fertility angel pendant

Fertility Superboost Angel Pendant, Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Garnet, Size 4.5cm x 6cm

Please note €105 is equivalent to $140 USD

Price includes chain. Free Shipping Worldwide.


Fertility Angel Pendant. Angel Jewellery.

silver angel pendant carnelian fertility

These days I am frequently asked about the Angels which might aid fertility and lead to conception and happy childbirth. I am a mother of 7 wonderful children after all, and my work with the Angels and the mineral kingdom often raises this question from my readers, of  how we can enhance a persons ability to conceive.

All my Angel Pendants can be used throughout pregnancy, and I also make gold fertility Angel pendants too, using a combination of Angelic fertility gemstones, set with beautiful Angel wings.

I believe one of the most important gemstones for  a woman to wear who wants to conceive, is Carnelian. See the Fertility Angel Necklace. Carnelian is said to boost fertility, energy and sexuality . Red Carnelian will also stimulate the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix and vagina. It alleviates PMS and balances reproductive hormones and is said to guard against miscarriage. The stone is also used to alleviate stress and depression.

Like the stillness of a deep red sun set, or the richness of a brilliant Autumn day, Carnelian captivates.It is a stone both of the earth and of the sun. Carnelian holds a warmth and a depth of joy that lingers and persists. Once worn by warriors for courage and endurance, it speaks  to us of  empowerment, drive and stimulation. Its name comes from the Latin word meaning “flesh”. Orange crystals, in particular are fertility symbols and are linked with conception.

The fertility Angel teaches us first and foremost  to relax, and to be good to ourselves. We must eat well, sleep well, exercise and have fun. We must stop trying to do anything of great proportions, and understand the infinitely microscopic elements involved in conception.  We are fine just as we are, natural, fertile, open and receptive. Nothing could be more normal, easy and effortless.  These things happen when we are not looking, not thinking, and most importantly, not worrying. If we live in this sort of wisdom, we will become pregnant.

Proper medical care is essential of course, and the fertility Angel creates an aura for it all to just happen in, relaxed and naturally, as it is meant to be.

The Moonstone Angel Pendant, The Rose Quartz Angel Pendant and the Garnet Angel Pendant all have similar associations, to watch over and bring comfort to Mum during and after pregnancy.

These lovely solid silver Angel Pendant necklaces come with a silver chain, and presented in a satin lined gift box.

Love and Blessings


Garnet Angel Pendant.

Garnet Angel

Garnet Angel Pendant . 9.25 silver. Length 2.5″ . Contains 2 cabouchon, and 3 cut Garnet crystal.

The Garnet Angel Pendant.  Angel of Love, Safe Travel, Loyalty, Devotion and Commitment.

The beautiful Garnet Angel represents love and devotion in its purest form, and traditionally speaking, is the Angel of commitment and renewal of vows.

Powerfully energising, this Angel bestows self-confidence, and fosters courage, hope, strength and mutual assistance.

The Garnet Angel helps us shed inhibitions, ingrained behaviour patterns, and addictions.

Birthstone for Jan/Feb.

Pendant comes with an 18″ sterling silver curb chain.

Price Including Shipping

KWAN YIN Pendant.

Kwan Yin. Motherly Compassion. Unconditional Love.

Dear Reader. Let me take this opportunity  to wish you the very best ever year ahead, and also show you my exquisite new Pendant, Kwan Yin. I know you will appreciate her graceful appearance in our collection of  angelic and spiritual Jewelry.

Price $140 usd,

Again many good wishes of health, love compassion and happiness for the New Year, with thanks, Linda.

 Moonstone, Amethyst, Peridot, Crystal Quartz, Aventurine.

 Silver 92.5 Size 3.8″ x 2″

              Price $140


Moonstone Angel Pendant.

Moonstone Angel

Sterling Silver Moonstone Angel Pendant. Length 2.5″ , with 2 Moonstone cabouchon, 3 cut Quartz crystal drops.

A New Beginning?

The Angel of Good Fortune with her beautiful moonstone can support you through any new start, such as a house move, a career change, or even a world tour.

Moonstone Angels assist us through all changes in life, and remind us that everything is in a cycle of change and renewal. Balancing and calming, these angels teach us to honour our feminine side, our intuition, our empathy and our dreams.

Their gifts are emotional intelligence, emotional healing, support with all new beginnings and all female matters such as conception, birth, breast feeding, marriage, career changes, house moves, and all female cycles, from puberty to menopause and beyond.

Birthstone for Jun/Jul/Aug/Sept/Oct/Nov.

Sterling Silver  18″ chain included with this purchase.

Price Including Shipping

Onyx Angel Pendant.


Onyx Angel Pendant 2.5″ long. 5x cabouchon Onyx crystals.

For focus and concentration.

Carrying her beautiful Onyx crystal this Angel pendant can assist us with focus and concentration, helping us to complete projects without distraction .

The Onyx Angel is strength giving in times of enormous mental or physical stress. She assists in connecting with a higher guidance, teaches us how to draw upon our own inner strength, vigour and steadfastness, and conveys the invaluable gift of wise decisions..

This Angel can help with past life work, healing old injuries and physical trauma which may be affecting the present life. She encourages focus, stability and self control and relieves worry and fear.

Birth crystal for for Dec/Jan/Feb.

Sterling Silver 18″ link chain included in this purchase.

Price Including Shipping

Opal Angel Pendant.


Seeking Inner Peace?

If you are searching for loyalty and faithfulness then let the Angel of Harmony, bearing an opal, be your guide.

Birthstone for Sep/Oct.

Price Including Shipping

Peridot Angel Pendant.


Silver Angel Pendant. Lengh 2.5″ with 5 cut Peridot gemstones.


Peridot Angel Necklace. Silver and Gemstone. For Positivity.

The Angel Pendant Peridot helps us to let go with love, and move into a newer, brighter future.

Like the color of Spring bursting with new growth, the peridot gemstone imparts the essential energy of  hope, life, re-generation, youthfulness and joy.

We often find difficulty in letting go and moving on. We go over and over situations in our heads to no avail.   This can apply to a person, a relationship or even a way of thinking.

Inner peace is in reach of everyone and the Angel Pendant with its beautiful peridot gemstones can help us move forward with renewed energy and positivity.

Pendant comes with sterling silver chain and presented in our  beautiful  Angel Jewellery satin lined box with printout. Post worldwide.

Price Including Shipping

Rose Quartz Angel Pendant.

Rose Quartz Angel

Sterling Silver Angel Pendant. Length. 2.5″.  1x cabouchon rose quartz, 4x cut rose quartz.

For those seeking Peace..Harmony..Forgiveness

The Rose Quartz Angel of unconditional love is the most important Angel for the heart, teaching us the true essence of love.

Healing, comforting and reassuring, she soothes in times of loss, increases empathy, attracts romantic love, and strengthens love and harmony in existing relationships. Bringing deep inner calm and wellbeing, she greatly increases our self worth, acceptance, and forgiveness of ourselves and others.

Birth crystal for Apr/May

Heart Chakra

This pendant comes with an 18″ sterling silver curb chain

Price Including Shipping

Close up of Rose Quartz Crystals in the Angel Pendant..

Rose Quartz and the Angel of Peace will be of benefit to those seeking to heal arguments and disputes, as this Angel dissolves anger and fear.


Flilgree Angel Amethyst

pendant size 1.5″ wide, 2″ long

Filigree Angel Necklace Gift.

For Christmas, Birthday or Valentine Day Gifts, Angel Jewelry has something new and special for all our Angel lovers and Light workers, and at last we have finished our gorgeous, silver filigree Angel Pendant Necklace. It’s now ready to purchase here at our website at the very affordable price of $69.50. A silver chain & postage are included in this price Read more about filigree


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